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How much is a Decent Wig?

How much is a Decent Wig?

How much is a Decent Wig

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Lace wigs and human hair wigs are the most popular wigs among all wig types and they are both created with different materials. Do you know how lace wigs and human hair wigs look like, how they can be distinguished from each other, or what the difference between them is? In this article, we will talk about all these things in detail, so that you can easily choose the one that suits your needs best!


How Much Is a decent Wig?

Decent lace wigs and human hair wigs are not cheap. A good quality wig made of human hair can cost several hundred dollars. The most expensive wigs are made of Remy hair, which is the highest quality human hair available.

Remy hair is softer and more lustrous than other types of human hair, and it can last for many years with proper care. There are three main types of lace wigs: synthetic wigs, front lace wigs, and full lace wigs.

Synthetic wigs are the least expensive type of wig, but they are also the least realistic-looking. Front lace wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs, but they look more natural because they have a lace cap that covers the entire head.


What Determines the Price of a Wig?

The price of a wig is determined by the type of wig, the quality of the hair, the length of the hair, and the color of the hair. Front lace wigs are usually more expensive than full lace wigs because they are made with higher-quality hair.

The length of the hair also determines the price of a wig. The longer the hair, the more expensive the wig will be. The color of the hair also affects the price of a wig. If you want a wig that is not your natural color, it will be more expensive than a wig that is your natural color.

In addition to these factors, whether or not the wig comes pre-styled can affect the price as well. If it does come pre-styled, then there will be less work for you to do on styling it to make it look like your own hair.

In some cases, wigs may come pre-styled but still require some styling in order to achieve your desired look. For this reason, these types of wigs tend to cost a little bit more money than those that don’t require any styling at all.

Remy Human Hair Wigs

The different types of wigs

When it comes to categorizing wigs, there are two main types – the material of the wig itself (i.e. human hair fibers or artificial fibers) and how they’re made up. We cover all of them below.

Remy Human Hair Wigs

Remy human hair wigs are the highest quality human hair wigs and the best wigs overall. You can style, cut, curl, straighten or dye it (amazing). What distinguishes this type of wig from regular human hair wigs is that the cuticle layer – which protects your locks’ natural oils – is still intact.

This means that, unlike non-Remy human hair wigs, you don’t have to worry about tangles or mattes after wearing one for an extended period of time. They’re also smoother and shinier than their counterparts; all thanks to their coatings time to their coatings are made up entirely of natural oil that protects against dryness! And because Remy human hair lasts much longer than synthetic ones, these types of wigs will cost more than others when compared side by side.

Human Hair Wigs

A human hair wig is a wig made from real human hair. The hair is usually sourced from Asia or Europe, and the wig may be made from virgin (unprocessed) hair or processed hair. There are many different types of human hair wigs available on the market, ranging in price from $100 to $10,000. The most popular type of human hair wig is the lace wig, which is made with a lace cap that sits on the head like a second skin. Other popular types of human hair wigs include monofilament wigs and hand-tied wigs.

How much is a Decent Wig?

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic wigs make the perfect solution for those looking to find an affordable option for their hair needs, but still require some styling. These types of wigs are also ideal for people with shorter-length hair who won’t need much care and maintenance over time. However, it is generally agreed that if you’re looking for long-term wear or want a more sophisticated look; human hair wigs will suit your needs best.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Capless Wigs

A capless wig is a wig with an open cap construction. The open cap construction provides good ventilation to the scalp. Capless wigs are usually lighter in weight than wigs with a full cap construction. 

Capless wigs are available in both human hair and synthetic fiber. The human hair capless wigs offer the most natural look and feel. They are also the most expensive type of wig. The synthetic fiber capless wigs are usually less expensive than human hair wigs. They are available in a variety of colors and styles.

How much is a Decent Wig?

Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front Wigs

A lace wig or a lace front wig is a special type of wig where human hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp. Lace wigs are more expensive than regular wigs because of the amount of time and effort that goes into making them. There are two types of lace wigs: full lace wigs and front lace wigs. Full lace wigs cover the entire head, while front lace wigs only cover the front part of the head. The most common type of material used for lace wigs is Swiss lace, but other types of lace such as French lace and Korean silk can also be used.

Full Lace Wigs

A full lace wig is a type of wig in which human hair is woven onto a lace base. The entire wig cap is made of lace with strategically placed hairline vents to give the illusion of a natural hairline. Full lace wigs can be worn in a high ponytail or updo, making them versatile for any occasion. Plus, the extra ventilation also helps keep your scalp cool and comfortable. Prices for full lace wigs start at $500 and can go up to $3000 or more.

Full Lace Wigs

Monofilament Wigs

How much is a Decent Wig?

A monofilament wig is a wig in which each hair is individually hand-tied to a sheer mesh cap. This construction method allows the hair to be parted in any direction, giving the wig wearer greater styling flexibility. Monofilament wigs are often considered the most natural-looking wigs available. The human hair used in monofilament wigs can be either synthetic or real hair.

French Drawn Top Wig

French knot wig caps are made up of three layers:

1. Glass Silk that rests against your scalp.

2. In the middle is Swiss lace, which has holes punched out that allow you to attach knots on either side.

3. And finally, a top layer made from Glass Silk covers everything up and gives it a natural appearance.

How much is a Decent Wig?

100% Hand-Tied Wigs

100% Hand-Tied Wigs

Hand-tied wigs are wigs made from 100% real human or synthetic hair. They’re more natural looking than machine-made wigs because they replicate more of what natural hair looks like than a typical wig would. You can brush and style them just like your own hair, so you can switch up your look whenever you want to!

Basic Cap Wigs

Most wigs don’t technically have a cap itself, but instead consist of rows upon rows of hair wefts made by sewing machines. On top is generally a cap-like structure – and this area can be covered with shorter hairs that create an appearance that’s more natural looking than other types of wigs. This is due to the fact that these wigs are created via machinery – so they’re affordable and offer many different styles. A capless wig tends to look lighter, too; which means its pieces sit further back on your head.

How much is a Decent Wig?

One type has pieces clustered closer together – making it feel like you’re wearing less material on your head at all times – while another style gives off less heat than others because strands don’t come close enough for our own hairs to mix in; which makes it more comfortable for most people who want to wear one around. These types are often called thin-weft cap wigs.


To wrap up, wigs are now an integral part of women’s fashion not just because they’re needed but also because they’ve become popular trends over time. In this article, we mentioned some of the types of wigs available and gave their prices so that you could choose whichever one fits your needs best. One size doesn’t always fit all which is why choosing between these various styles will help you make up your mind as to what works for you specifically. But don’t worry if any one of them catches your eye and you want more info about the subject or would like to give feedback on any of the ones listed, then feel free to comment below!

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